Gaitsu™ Disk Skimmer

“GAITSU™ Disk type oil Skimmer suitable for machine tool, wash tank and effluent treatment application which are suitable for removal of hydrocarbons from water, water based products like coolants, degreasing solutions, etc. from any small area where contaminants accumulate. The disk of any size from 200 mm to 450 mm dia. is directly driven by a geared motor, the disk which is immersed in the solution containment draw back oil product clinched on the disk which is scraped and collected separately. The Polymer disk is suitable for working temp. upto 80 deg.

C, SS disk can be also provided for temp. upto 100 deg. C. Gaitsu Disk skimmer need least attention and has been proved to extend coolant and degreasing solution life on CNC and washing machines presently installed by us. Custom made Disk sizes can also be provided. Suitable for Animal fats, cooking oil, cutting oil, grease, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, quench oil, sludge, soybean oil, tramp oil, vegetable oil, waste oil - no problem for a GAITSU OIL SKIMMERS”.

Gaitsu™ Flat Belt Skimmer

The ideal solution to remove unwanted Tramp oil in parts washers, coolant tanks, STP/ETP or any other place. Effective. Removes over 4 liters/ hour (1” and 2" wide Poly belt) or more of medium weight oil per hour. Compact. Use it almost anywhere...even through a 2" dia. bunghole in a drum.

Portable. Use it here today, there tomorrow, installs in seconds and runs on 230V AC 50 Hz. Geared motor Heavy-duty, rugged construction Removable, easy-to-clean collection tray Self-tensioning belt on fixed lower pulley Dual wiper sets suitable for temperature upto 80 deg. C. Continuous-duty, fan-cooled motor.

Gaitsu™ Tube Skimmer

Gaitsu Tybe Skimmer - Oil Skimmers now reintroduces international quality tube type oil skimmer . GAITSU TUBE TYPE - Oil Skimmers uses specially formulated Oleophilic collector tube that is sized in length starting from 8” reach for the applications and joined into a continuous loop. Floating Oils, fats, and grease cling to the outside surface of the tube and are drawn into the skimmer. The Tramp oil drawn into the skimmer is scraped off by abrasive resistant scrapers and flows into the drain pan. The clean tube is then driven back into the Aqueous solution by the skimmer to remove more material.

GAITSU tube skimmer is suitable for any Metal working Fluid application and can remove tramp oil upto 1 liter/ hour ( subject to Viscosity) and is suitable for Aqueous based coolants for temperatures of upto max. 32 deg. C and are designed for continues duty and can be mounted on the side of aqueous based coolant sump, Chip conveyor and tanks with less head room.

GAITSU tube skimmer is a very important tool for COOLANT MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES and other applications for CNC machines, Grinding machines, etc... also they are very economically priced with international quality.

Gaitsu™ Oil - Water Separator ( Coalescing Type )

GAITSU OIL-WATER SYSTEM a state of art unique Industrial COALESCER removes free floating or mechanically emulsified tramp oil from big or small reservoirs of coolant or washing solution. The presence of a large quantity of tramp oil in the reservoirs will adversely affect machine throughput, tool life, and parts finish. GAITSU OIL-WATER SEPARAOTR helps in extending coolant/water life, Removes tramp oil, Reduces bacteria, Controls Odor, Minimizes dermatitis problems, Provides fluid consistency, Reduces Disposal cost. GAITSU OIL-WATER SEPRATOR uses a state of art diaphragm pump to suck the top layer of the machine coolant tank or washing machine. Which then passes thru an efficient strainer/filter on the inlet side of the pump to protect the pump from damage by chips and other solid particles and then thru specially designed cross flow coalescing media, which help in removing the smallest of the oil globules. The treated coolant/wash solution is again sent back to the tank. The specially designed coalescing media need no frequent cleaning.

GAITSU OIL-WATER SEPARATOR is available in various models of flow, standard unit can work upto max. 60 deg. C of liquid temp. Higher temperature and other flow rate models available on request. Also available optional with heavy duty strainer. Stand alone or portable unit available.

Gaitsu™ Magnetic Probe

GAITSU MAGNETIC PROBE is a high intensity magnetic sampling probe and is ideal for quality control personnel to quickly and easily carryout product purity inspections on any powder, granulate or liquids for ferrous or paramagnetic contamination.

The Probe is also a very important tool for Industrial housekeeping personal as the probe could aid in cleaning contamination from tanks, hence avoiding skin problems on personal.

Suitable Applications:

Any powders, granulates, liquids, sauces, juices, chocolate, Industrial machine coolant or Neat oil tanks, etc.

Gaitsu™ Magnetic Filter

Gaitsu Magnetic Filter suitable for sub-micronic filtration using super high strength magnets that can be used in many applications in the Industry...

The Fluid passes across multiple Rare Earth magnetic rods, each generating over 9000 gauss on the outside of the tube surface. The performance of lightly magnetic particles like carbide, etc..... are also captured. The Magnetic circuit ensures that the filter can never block, irrespective of contamination loading, allowing the liquid to flow freely around the magnetic rods. Installing Gaitsu Magnetic Filter will improve your manufacturing effectiveness and reduce machinery wear protecting expensive process equipment
Gaitsu Magnetic Filter available for 100, 250 & 500 lpm…

Gaitsu™ coolant monitoring kit

RANGE :(0-32% Brix)
It is used to measure Brix (%) of Fruit, Fruit Juices, Soft Drinks etc., and concentration of water-soluble cutting 0:1, water-soluble washing solution etc.,
Measuring Range : 0 - 32 %
Resolution Factor : 0.2 %

Digital TDS, conductivity Specification:
Range: 0-19990 ppm, 0-19.99 ms
Digital pH meter Specification:
Range: 0 – 14pH

Gaitsu™ coolant mixer

• Separate water shut-off valve
• Machined from solid bronze casting
• Maximum viscosity of 500 SUS
• 40” discharge tube included, max length delivery
• Minimum 25psi needed (75psi max)
• Machined needle valve
• Locknut below dial holds mixing reference
• Standpipe check valve keeps mixing chamber loaded.

How it works
Venturi pumps are commonly used for coolant mixers. The moving water across the coolant orifice creates a low pressure zone drawing coolant into the water stream. The combination of the two laminar flows creates a strong turbulent zone in which the two fluids are thoroughly mixed. Since there are no moving parts, the pump has a very high degree of reliability. The needle valve allows for a high degree of precision for setting the proportion of coolant mixed in with the water.

Model available:

Part# Ratio Range % Range GPM Fitting In Fitting Out Application
MIX0327 15:1 - 45:1 0-7 3 3/8” BSP 1/2” Barrel

Gaitsu mini flat belt skimmer

TRAMP OIL OUTPUT: Approx. 1 liter/hr. Subject to viscosity of oil.
MOTOR: 35 watts AC Geared Motor. Suitable for continues duty.